More ideas and hacks to try!

You may find some of these items selling on websites for A LOT of money, but you can make them yourself for next to nothing!  🙂


World Market has tons of small liquor bottles. And I previously posted a link to a site for GREAT printable labels (that are free!)


I have seen these VERY similar frames online selling for hundreds of dollars….but you can find thrift store frames for as low as 50 cents (or use your old ones from around the house) and then get cheap spray paint….voila!


old pieces of glass glued together – I think it is so pretty!


Mason jars found at thrift store, coffee beans and a candle – smells delicious!


I have seen these selling online for a ridiculous amount of money as well. Again, mason jars can be found at dollar stores and thrift stores. You can also find discount spray paint at Lowes and Home Depot. Don’t buy it at craft stores – it was $9 at Michaels. No way!


A good decorating idea. No need for helium, just hang from the ceiling!

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