My Summer of DIY Crafts

Here’s a serving tray from the thrift store that I painted gold.  Then I lined it with wrapping paper from World Market using Modge Podge.


This was an old, brown jewelry box (also from the thrift store) that I painted and distressed.  I covered the glass with the wrapping paper to add some nice color.


This is a coffee mug holder that was brown wood and I painted it gold.  I am using it as a bracelet display.


My version of “faux taxidermy” using a Christmas reindeer ornament from Hobby Lobby.  I painted the head white and left the gold glitter antlers.  Painted a thrift store frame, covered the glass with scrapbook paper and mounted the deer head.


Another thrift store frame and some nice feather plumes from Hobby Lobby for a cool, rustic nature decoration….that my boyfriend can deal with (non-glitter girly decor) 🙂


These are feathers that my boyfriend collected for me.  I painted them, sprinkled them with glitter and made a wall hanging using string and a twig/branch.




More glitter painted feathers (note: don’t use glitter in your kitchen or you will be drinking glitter wine for weeks!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A dresser drawer I found out by the dumpster in the bulk trash area.  Painted it, lined it with Dollar Tree wrapping paper to use a a wall shelf.



A few pairs of earrings I made using chains and beads from thrift store jewelry that I took apart.


And there you have it – some of the fun ideas I found online to copy.

I hope you enjoyed!


Thanks for looking!

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